Is University for me?

Something I’ve been thinking about alot now is, wether I’m actually doing the right thing. University debt will cripple me. The amount of work is astounding. Is it going to make me happy?

Student debt is always up for debate, the majority of my peers are under the impression that they will not have to repay the total. And they live accordingly. Where as myself and a limited few, believe thats too good could be true, and so live a little less vicariously.
Question: If you’re living on the cheap, how can you have fun? Answer: Where theres a will, theres a way. The government is literally funding this, take what you can from them. You might not get the same chance again. You’re parents love you (most of the time), so use that to your advantage. You’ll be surprised at the kindness from even your most distant family, at the end of the day you will not be living cheap.

Now for the dreaded work. If you put it off, you will only have 3 weeks 3rd term to do everything. So don’t put it off. We have plenty of free time for hangovers and dirty pints. Also if you actually do some work, you’re much less likely to blow out your student finance. More student finance = more student fun.

All student think about leaving, first year is really hard. But the money and the work isn’t what you should worry about. University is for people who want to progress with; their career, sports, learning, contacts, friendship, banter, and yes drinking. As far as I’m aware thats every 18-24 year old.



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